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Youth Art Month Under Way At Alabama Center For The Arts

March 4, 2021

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Decatur, AL – This March, the Alabama Center for the Arts is celebrating Youth Art Month, a yearly showcase of talent in the visual arts. The Annual Showcase of Young Talent features 106 pieces of art by K-12 students, in coordination with local school art teachers, in Morgan County including area city, county, and private schools. The exhibit will be open from March 4 – March 30. There will be a virtual Awards Announcement posted on Carnegie Visual Art Center’s Facebook page on March 11 at 5:30 pm. The post will include a link to a virtual tour of the exhibit as well. Youth Art Month encourages support for quality school art programs and promotes art material safety. Administered by The Council for Art Education, the program helps children of all ages develop problem solving, observation, and communication skills while enhancing their creativity. The event is sponsored by the Alabama Center for the Arts and the Carnegie Visual Arts Center, with artist awards to be given by Daybreak Rotary Club of Decatur. The Carnegie provides educational and cultural opportunities to the Decatur area and strives to encourage a greater involvement in art at all levels and ages. Their excellent children’s art education program promotes creativity via hands-on activities. In addition, a variety of other programs, events, and collections are offered for all ages. The Alabama Center for the Arts is located at 133 2nd Avenue NE in Decatur. They are open Monday – Thursday from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm and on Friday from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. For more information about Youth Art Month, please contact the ACA at 256-260-4293.

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Early Elementary School Awards

1st – Yaretzi Reyes
Patterned Portrait With Pet, Digital
Benjamin Davis Elementary

2nd – Laura Alcaraz-Sanchez
Fox, Liquid Watercolor
Oak Park Elementary

3rd – Mila Blankenship
Masking What Makes Me–Me!, Crayon
Benjamin Davis Elementary

Honorable Mention – Trinity Yarbrough
Nutcracker, Paint Sticks
Walter Jackson Elementary

Elementary School Awards

1st – Khloe Salgado
Bunny, Charcoal on Brown Paper
Decatur Heritage

2nd – McKenna Kurecki
Pup, Charcoal on Brown Paper
Decatur Heritage

3rd – Gillian Wisener
A Christmas Spark, Clay
Decatur Heritage

Honorable Mention – Henderson Hall
Bald Eagle, Colored Pencil
Priceville Elementary

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Middle School Awards

1st – Ava Rogers
Hollow House, Clay
Decatur Heritage

2nd – Sophia Scott
Azure, Clay
Decatur Heritage

3rd – Kaylee Durham
Paper Weaving, Paper
Austin Jr. High School

Honorable Mention – Ford Sparkman
Fred, Charcoal on Brown Paper
Decatur Heritage

High School Awards

1st – Shayan Jennings
Through the Eyes of a Child, Charcoal and Graphite
Brewer High School

2nd – Mekhi Kalil
Running Wild, Digital
Hartselle High School

3rd – Florence Bowman
A Step in Time, Mixed Media
Decatur Heritage

Honorable Mention – Caroline Thompson
Welcome, Clay
Decatur Heritage

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