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Our Students

“Being at the ACA truly feels like home with all the other weirdos, being proud and happy, doing what we love.”

– Anthony  

As a student at the ACA, you will connect with people from different backgrounds.

Find your creative tribe, learn what you need to build a successful career in the arts, and forge lifelong friendships along the way.
With a focus on collaboration, the ACA fosters an environment focused on helping you discover your unique position in the world of art and, ultimately, your own place in the world.

Meet Blake

Digital Publishing | From: Hartselle, AL
“The education I’ve received from the Alabama Center for the Arts has not only strengthened my artistic abilities, but also helped me make valuable connections for furthering my education and career. Being a student at the ACA, I was always surrounded by creative people that kept me motivated to succeed. After recently completing my Associate’s Degree, I have decided to take the next step and proceed with getting a BFA. There are so many positive experiences I’ve had learning here.”

Meet Chris

Graphic Design | From: Huntsville, AL
“I saw where Athens State had a full-ride art scholarship, so I submitted pictures of my—in hindsight, crappy—artwork. I don’t know what about it made them pick me, but if my unrefined artwork could get me a full-ride scholarship, that meant that, ‘Hey, maybe I could do this,’ because someone believes in me! It gave me the confidence to really see how far I could take it and improve my skills. That scholarship meant a chance to start over again… Professor Pamela Keller, the head of the art department, was the one who really pushed me to keep going. She really pushed me to think deeper in my artwork, and conversations with her have actually led to the current work I’m still doing.”

Meet Kenneth

Music Technology | From: Decatur, AL
“Learning at the ACA has become the highlight of my week! It’s hard to make a person want to be in the classroom during a summer break, but they make it so easy! Having access to a great recording studio / MIDI lab really ties everything together, especially with a great set of instruments and microphones at your disposal. Everyone is especially friendly and helpful as well, no matter the major!”

Meet Makala

Art, Computer Graphics | From: Huntsville, AL

“I started my education at Calhoun Community College because of my interest in the art classes offered pertaining to my interest in cinematography. That interest developed into a desire to learn 3D animation and motion graphic design. Overall, I’ve taken many classes that have allowed my creativity to grow.” Makala is an award winning artist, receiving Best of Show and First Place Digital Illustration honors at the 2019 Calhoun Student Art Show. She recently graduated with Summa Cum Laude status, is listed on IMDb, and is a member of the Kappa Pi Art Honor Society.

Meet Anthony

Music Technology | From: Madison, AL
“I was already faintly interested in the Music Technology field at Calhoun. But as cheesy as it sounds, doing The Project really locked in that this program and campus was for me. I saw other people pursuing the same path I had been planning on. The high school I went to was not very arts forward and my friends weren’t even planning to continue music after graduation. But being at the ACA truly feels like home with all the other weirdos, being proud and happy, doing what we love. I’ve done mostly music tech classes but have dabbled in graphic design and video. Learning how to record, mix, and produce in our own really nice studio has been a very lucky experience.”

Meet Marina

Fine Arts | From: Pulaski, TN

“The Alabama Center for the Arts has provided me with the growth and skillsets that were needed in obtaining my BFA in fine arts. Additionally, from personal experiences, Athens State also has a great variety of supportive mentors and career programs that assisted me with acquiring an art career at UT Southern. I am also a proud Alumni with the ACA’s Kappa Pi association.”