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Campus Life

A Private Arts School Experience

The Alabama Center for the Arts is very unique. It provides the most affordable path to an arts degree while offering a private arts college experience.

Explore the experience of attending a small, personal arts college in a historic downtown that is beautiful and safe. The main campus is small and beautiful located in the middle of downtown Decatur. The two main buildings, one for performing arts; and one for visual arts, are modern and beautiful with state-of-the-art features. The campus is growing and three additional buildings are in the works, all located within a few blocks of the main campus.

Living Here

Embrace the unique opportunity to live and learn alongside fellow artists who share your passion for the arts.

From inspiring late-night discussions to impromptu jam sessions and creative collaborations, our campus housing is designed to enhance your artistic journey and create lifelong connections. Your living choices include a new student dorm with 49 apartments, one of downtown Decatur’s loft apartments, or living close by in Decatur or another community.

Student Groups

Our thriving campus is home to a multitude of student groups where you will find your community and spend time with your closest friends.
Our student groups offer an inclusive and vibrant space for you to explore, collaborate, and grow as an artist.

Explore What’s Happening

Check out our events calendar to see all upcoming activities, or look at what’s playing now in our theatre, concert hall, or gallery!