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Take a Class or Workshop

Take a Class or Workshop

At the ACA, we invite individuals of all backgrounds and ages to pursue their own personal and professional growth, whether it is enrolling as a part-time or full-time student, or just taking the occasional class or workshop.
To register for a class or workshop, simply follow the instructions provided below, and don’t forget to check out our event calendar for a comprehensive list of upcoming offerings.

Students Enrolled at the ACA

At the ACA, a diverse range of art courses awaits aspiring artists and educators. Students have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of degrees, from associate’s through master’s, in four main areas: digital media, art and art education, music and commercial music, and theatre and theatre technology.

Non-Enrolled Students

All courses offered at the ACA are available to both degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students of all ages, subject to availability. Some courses have prerequisites. Any individual who wants to take a course at the ACA must register and pay for the course. Students have the flexibility to pursue individual courses leading to a certificate, even without enrolling in a degree program.

Senior Learners

The ACA offers learning opportunities for individuals aged 60 and above who are eager to continue their love for learning. This program offers these individuals the opportunity to audit university courses.

Professional Development for Educators

The ACA provides professional development opportunities for art educators and administrators every summer, with occasional sessions available in the fall or spring. Through the Athens State University Regional In-Service Center, participants can earn credit hours to maintain their certificates and stay up to date with the latest advancements in the field.