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Alabama Center for the Arts Foundation Accepting Proposals for “Urban Art Initiative” Program

May 1, 2020

Urban Art Initiative

The Alabama Center for the Arts Foundation is currently accepting professional artist proposals for permanent public art installations as part of its “Urban Art Initiative” program. Proposed art should serve as a positive addition to the Decatur/Morgan County landscape as well as a catalyst for positive community engagement.

The creation of the installation should include opportunities for the community to observe the artistic process in action. A tie-in with educational opportunities to engage students from local schools and the Alabama Center for the Arts will be considered a plus, though the installation itself should be created and executed by the professional artist making the proposal.

Proposals should include the following items:

  • A drawing or other representation of the proposed art installation (mural, sculpture, etc.)
  • Proposed location for the installation
  • Detailed budget
  • Any other information or documentation that will allow the ACA Foundation to properly consider the proposal, including the artist’s experience and body of work

The Foundation encourages creativity and will consider all proposals. It is the Foundation’s goal that the “Urban Art Initiative” will foster the creation of a wide variety of public art that will represent our diverse community and speak to a wide, diverse audience.

For more information, please contact:
Philip Mann
Executive Director of External Affairs, Alabama Center for the Arts
(256) 260-4294